The Deep Track Podcast: Ep. 27 – Kenneth Lam of Akren Watches

This week I’m thrilled to welcome Kenneth Lam of Arken Watches to the podcast. Ken is bringing his unique vision to life through Arken, a project that began as a quest to make the perfect personal watch which has blossomed into a now thriving young micro brand. In this discussion we talk about what it means to design a tool watch, where inspiration comes from, and how to create a distinctive look and feel without relying too heavily on the established ideas already out there. Ken offers his insight on the thought process behind this, and how the brand has come this far in such a short period of time.

Ken has lots of ideas that he’ll be bringing to life, so be sure to follow along over at Arken Watches. Until then, keep an eye out for a hands-on video of the Alterum in the near future.

Show Notes:

Arken Watches

Arken Alterum

Arken Instrumentum 

Rolex 16570

Omega Seamaster 300 (British Army Issued)

Tudor FXD

Sinn U50

Arken on Instagram


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