Hublot & Daniel Arsham Offer New Take on the Pocket Watch

The pocket watch may not enjoy the same status it once did, but as a platform it’s still very much alive. We’ve seen interesting modern interpretations of the pocket watch from the likes of Urwerk and Richard Mille in recent years, and this week we get a glimpse at an entirely new concept from Hublot in partnership with artist Daniel Arsham called the Arsham Droplet. As the name suggests, this is a pocket watch that embraces a more organic approach to design, and the result is something that brings a futuristic vibe to a classic architecture rendered in titanium, sapphire, and bright green rubber. 

The Arsham Droplet is a reimagining of a classic pocket watch rendered in somewhat exotic materials using modern engineering methods, making for a uniquely compelling experience that can be used three different ways. The Droplet can be used as a pocket watch, but can also be fashioned as a pendant, or placed with a larger structure to be enjoyed as a table clock. This is not uncommon for modern, high end pocket watches such as this, and both of the examples cited above can also be used in such a fashion (the Urwerk even comes with a wrist mount). 

The aesthetic of the Arsham Droplet is entirely different from those other examples, however. The sweeping curves and hollow internal ‘droplets’ inherit a bit of a ‘90s vibe not entirely dissimilar to something we’d have seen from Oakley. The focal point of the piece is the fully exposed HUB1201 manufacture MECA-10 manually winding movement that boasts 240 hours of reserve (and a reserve indicator on the dial). The dial consists of green hour markers at the perimeter, and a green hour and minute hand, picking up colors used elsewhere on the case and carriage. 

The movement is set within a satin micro blasted titanium case with green rubber bumpers that frame functional areas of the case. The shape is a bit like something out of Star Trek, with a curved element meant to nest in the palm of your hand. When seated in the desk clock apparatus, it becomes a different experience entirely, highlighting the mechanical elements within a crystal cocoon of sorts. The entire package is a visual overload, offering dynamic views from every angle. 

Just 99 examples of the Hublot x Daniel Arsham Droplet will be produced, each priced from $88,000. Hublot


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