Parmigiani Introduces Trio of New Tonda PF Sport Chronographs for Summer

The Tonda collection has seen a diverse range of references added since its re-introduction in 2021, and has split to form two separate families of watches: the Tonda PF, and the Tonda PF Sport range. The latter features steel (and rose gold) cases mated to rubber straps that provide a distinct levity to the watch without ever coming off as informal. These are still very much what you’d call elegant (sport-chic, even) watches thanks to their refined details and relatively reserved features. In other words, these are sport watches that don’t feel the need to shout about it. 

For 2024, Parmigiani is adding a trio of new references to the Tonda PF Sport collection, each of them chronographs. What sets these watches apart from the existing models are their interesting colroways which consist of grays and blues that appear both in the dial and in the straps. They’ve also added a contrasting chapter ring at the dial’s perimeter that pushes the focal point inward while providing a bit of practicality in the process. It’s a small change, but it makes a sizable difference in the personality of the watches at a glance. 

The colors are: London Gray, which is a soft, warm gray bordering toupe; Milano Blue, which is a deep and rich navy blue providing a high level of contrast; and finally Arctic Gray, offering a light blue that’s been desaturated in a way that pushes it toward gray. Each color is represented within the sub dials, the chapter ring, and the strap, and each enjoy a rather distinct personality. The central portion of the dial gets a Clou triangulaire guilloché finish, providing some textural contrast between the regions of the dial, and pull you in for a closer look to fully appreciate. 

The 42mm steel case holds the COSC certified PF070 automatic chronograph movement produced by their own Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier. The movement is quite lovely, with the three quarter plate opened up to reveal the balance and parts of the chronograph work underneath. The gold rotor brings some contrast to the table as well. The movement itself measures just under 7mm in thickness, and allows for a total thickness that comes in just under 13mm. The case itself is shaped beautifully with a teardrop lug forming to the wrist with ease, flowing into the curved rubber strap that looks a bit like sailcloth, but feels much more supple. 

Overall these are beautiful watches on the wrist in both fit and finish. The only complaint I’d lodge is in regards to the hands themselves, which are completely hollow save for the very tip, which can create some legibility issues at a glance. Further, the square date aperture feels slightly out of place, but that may come down to the fact that the disc itself is not color matched to anything else on the dial. The clean design would work wonders in a dateless configuration, but this is purposed as a practical tool watch of sorts, so it makes sense in the bigger picture. 

The new Parmigiani Tonda PF Sport chronograph watches are available, and are priced from $30,000. For more don’t miss episode 26 of The Deep Track Podcast, featuring an interview with Parmigiani CEO Guido Terreni. Parmigiani


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