Oris Reveals Latest Hölstein Edition in Blacked Out Divers Sixty Five

Oris was founded on June 1st, 1904, making it 120 years young this year, and this is a date that Oris has been celebrating each of the last 5 years with a special Hölstein Edition watch. This has resulted in some pretty special limited editions from the brand (including this bonkers dual time watch from 2022), and this year is no exception as the Hölstein Edition returns to the Divers Sixty-Five range for the first time since 2020, this time in a time and date configuration. What sets this latest example apart from the others in a black on black color scheme, from the hour plots to the logo at 12 o’clock, this is a very different kind of stealth diver. As usual, the Oris Bear gets a special treatment on the caseback, continuing a trend that started along with these editions in 2020. 

The Hölstein Edition Divers Sixty-Five uses a familiar 40mm steel case that’s been given a black DLC coating, including the caseback and crown. The bezel assembly and insert follow suit, with even the infill of the fully indexed bezel blending in with the theme. The matte black dial hosts all-black everything, right down to the color matched date wheel, with the printing on that date wheel being the only element to even slightly deviate from the blacked out look. The result is a nearly total uniform look that makes no compromises for things like legibility. This watch sets a theme, and follows it through. 

This is a concept we’ve seen before in watches like the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Black Black, and it’s a fine line to walk while preserving the qualities that define the watch. It doesn’t always work, but Oris has pulled it off nicely here without falling into kitschy territory. The qualities of the Divers Sixty-Five remain in focus just enough to retain its identity, and the design is simple enough that everything looks pretty good in black. That said, the design certainly won’t be for everyone, and that’s perfectly fine as a mere 250 examples are planned for production. 

Turning the watch over will reveal this year’s special Oris Bear depiction, which has been getting a bit more personality each year. Here, the bear is sporting a pair of swim trunks and sunglasses to drive home the summer theme, which kind of reframes the full black presentation in a way that feels a bit more light hearted. 

Much like last year’s purple dialed Aquis, this black Divers Sixty Five gets Oris’ own caliber 400 with 5 days of power reserve on tap, anti-magnetism, and a 10 year warranty. It sits being a closed caseback however, so you’ll have to enjoy the view of the bear in its stead. This is the first watch of its kind from Oris, who aren’t known to shy away from big colors, but if there’s one moment to embrace something bold, it’s for the brand’s 120th anniversary. 

The Hölstein Edition Divers Sixty Five is limited to 250 units, and is priced at $4,200. Oris


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